Is Gaming Better On PC Or Console ?

Gamers today argue which platform is the best for gaming , whether it’s PC or Console . While graphics look well on consoles, they can be easily beat by the graphics on the PC. This is often due to the gamers’ choice of hardware installed on their PC .

Console games are now costing twice as much as PC games therefore Console games are more cost effective to buy . Also in order to atchive the highest graphics and feel of the game, more expensive hardware will be needed . Purchasing hardware to upgrade a PC for a game is actually highly cost effective where as consoles have the ability to play these heavily graphic games and still benefit from the less cost effective hardward .

I think it depends according to the game that you play . Console games tend to be more “twitch” where as PC are required to play Rainbow 6 siege as these type of games requires a keyboard and mouse to play . I would say that’s the biggest difference. Console games are twitch , PC games are for pro play .


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